Established Vancouver Roofer

The best Vancouver roofer in the lower mainland can be found on We have partnered with “At Your Home Services” out of Vancouver. President Len Davies, has been in the roofing and gutter cleaning service industry since 1992 and on every job strive for quality work. No matter how big or how small your project may be, they have experienced people on the ground with the right equipment, WCB coverage, proper liability insurance and each job is inspected before signing off.

At Your Home ServicesAt Your Home Services Group

For excellent workmanship, Len Davies is the guy to call when you need any work done on your roof. They provide a written quote before starting work and always deliver the goods. They have been in business since 1992 and have been working on their reputation from the beginning. When your roof develops problems it is important to hire qualified Vancouver roofing contractors instead of trying to patch things up or hire a handyman. Get it done right and you will sleep better.

They offer other services as well like pressure washing, gutter cleaning and new installations. Gutter repair is another big one and minor construction or repairs where needed. Home maintenance is an ongoing concern for all homeowners. If you find it difficult to get up on the roof you are not alone. What we like to recommend is that you at least look at your roof in the spring and fall to see if it is getting covered in needles or leaves as is so common here in the Vancouver area. Sometimes the wind will blow most of that stuff off, but it can get caught in your gutters so that needs to be looked at as well when you are up there looking around.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters are an important part of the drainage on your property. If they are clogged with leaves and tree droppings then rain water will spill over the edges instead of running down the down spouts. When that happens too much water collects around the foundation of your home and wet basement problems can become an issue. For more information call (604) 259-0011

Roofer In Action With A  Good Roofing Gun

Protect your roof – Call

Reliable Roof Repair
Phone: (604) 259-0011
408 East Kent Avenue South
Vancouver, BC V5X 2X7

Reliable Vancouver Plumbers

There is a company called Virtual Anchor in Vancouver BC who has worked with numerous plumbing companies in the lower mainland BC. They decided to showcase a few of these plumbers online to help local homeowners find a good plumber when they really need one. We have all heard about those poor people who get burned by some fly by night dude who over charges and under delivers. Unfortunately, no matter how much things change these days they still stay the same in certain regards.

The website was set up in the spring of 2009 and has been helping people locate the best Vancouver plumbers ever since. Three companies they endorse are Mr. Rooter, KC’s Plumbing and Heating, and Ashton Service Group. You can find them by searching on the company name which is Certified Local Pro, or you can try one of the search terms most people use when looking for a plumber in Vancouver such as Vancouver plumbers, Plumbers in Vancouver, Furnace repair Vancouver and so on.

Certified Local ProCertified Local Pro

If you research any of the plumbing contractors show-cased on Certified Local Pro you will find that they are long standing in the communities they work in, they have plenty of good reviews, they carry proper insurance, WCB coverage and they train their employees regularly. You can also find them on the local BB website with A or A+ ratings.

Hiring a plumbing technician from any one of these companies is a good bet. You can count on friendly service, expert advice, efficient installations, long lasting results and they all guarantee the work they do. Hard to find those kind of credentials anywhere these days let alone in someone you need to trust in a pinch.

Office Location

Certified Local Pro
Phone: (604) 757-2781
449 E 44th Ave #19
Vancouver, BC V5W 1W2

Why Perimeter Drainage Is So Important

When it comes to the perimeter drainage tile around your house you can’t skimp on parts and labor. It is one of those things that need to installed right the first time so you don’t have to foot the bill to have it installed again in a few years. The worst part about improperly installed drain tile is the fact that your home will suffer from water damage eventually.

perimeter drainageThe good news is there are a few things you can do to ensure your drainage system is working as it should. The first thing to look for is water pooling in your yard or around the house. If your yard has puddles here and there then it is not draining properly. If water is pooling around flower beds or by the sidewalk then the perimeter drains may be plugged. Another tell tale sign is moisture in the basement. If your basement is wet then water is coming through a foundation crack, or seeping up through the floor.

One of the most common things in residential drains is roots in the sewer lines. Roots cause no end of trouble because they can grow through old drain pipe and cause them to clog up. The cure for that is to call in a plumber and have him run a rooter machine through the line to cut out the roots.

A Drainage Disaster You Want To Avoid

If you do not remember the last time your drains were cleaned then get it done before it’s too late

Excellent House Painters

heritage house paintingWhen the outside of your home starts to peel or fade it’s time for a paint job. Some of us like that kind of work, but a lot are too busy, don’t have the equipment or experience and in many cases, don’t want to work that hard for something as important as the way your home looks. House painting is demanding work and that’s why local painting companies are so busy in the summer. Many of them are even able to stay busy during the winter months by doing interior work for residential and commercial. One such company in Vancouver is Heritage Painting & Decorating.

These guys migrated from Nova Scotia and settled in Vancouver a few years back and have been building a great reputation ever since. If you own an older home then these are the right people for that kind of work. No matter the kind of home you want painted you can expect precision corners, straight lines around edges and a clean work area during and after the job. Their employees are respectful and quite, so you don’t have to feel put out while they are there.

Quality House Painting in Vancouver

When you want a quality paint job done call these guys for durable and good looking house painting work.

Drainage Experts

high pressure drain cleanerDrains are and important part of the infrastructure in your home. Without good drainage things you take for granted start to cause trouble, and your roof is an important factor in this formula. For instance, if you do nothing to keep the perimeter drains clear around the foundation of your home you may be inviting foundation damage because constant water pressure on the foundation walls will crack them over time. When this happens you end up with a wet basement. Water damage accounts for millions of dollars damage to North American homes every year. Don’t let forgetfulness or misunderstanding rob you of your savings.

Expert Drainage is a local Vancouver company who have been clearing drains of roots and debris for quite a long time. The guys on this team are professionals who keep their equipment up to date and on top of the latest technical innovations when it comes to plumbing and heating. Drains is just one aspect of what they do 20 -30 times a day 365 days a year. If your drains are causing problems then have these guys come in to get rid of the roots, or silt that can clog a drain. Sometimes the sewer needs to be looked at, or the shower drain is clogged with hair. Whatever the case may be, drainage experts will solve the problem ethically and at a fair price.

How to Unclog Your Washing Machine Drain Pipe

When drains clog up call the experts for good work, fair pricing and dependable service. If you suspect your drain tile is the cause of a wet basement call us right away before it’s too late.

Reliable Roofers

vancouver roofingEver homeowner dreads the thought of replacing the roof because it can be so expensive. The trick to getting the most value out of your home is a solid roof over your head, so it stands to reason you want it to last. If you are on a tight budget there are situations where you can repair and hope it last for another year or two, but in some situations your options are limited. If you are facing the prospect of a new roof then you will probably want a quality installer to do the work for you.

Reliable Roof Repair is a top rate company who has been installing and repairing Vancouver roofs for about 20 years. They are established with a good reputation, have all the credentials like proper licensing, WCB coverage and liability insurance. For any roofing concerns like a leak, loose shingles, gutter problems, or even missing tile, call these guys for a quick estimate and honest evaluation on the condition of your roof.

DIY Roofing Tips

When roofing becomes an issue call this top rated Vancouver roofing company for an honest quote.

Reliable Gutter Service

seamless guttersA lot of homeowners clean their own gutters on an annual basis and sometimes even repair them if you are some what of a handyman. Sometimes though general upkeep is not enough and you find yourself in need of a professional installer to fix things up and correct problems that happen over time with the weather and elements etc. Cheap gutters loosen over time and start to fall away from the house. Over time they start to rust and leak needing new caulking or corners. The downspouts need attention as well and over time if left unchecked the entire gutter system needs replacing.

When this happens to your gutters you may want to hire a dependable contractor fo that job.  We have found that Reliable Gutters in the Vancouver area run a tight ship, guarantee their work and use top quality materials from a manufacturers that backs their product as well.These guys have been around for about 20 years and know their business inside out.

Here is a video about the manufacturer they prefer

Of course these guys are local to Vancouver BC, so if you live in that area, anywhere from West Vancouver out to Langley or Maple Ridge then check them out. Here is a great resource for gutter cleaning and related work.

Home Improvement Contractor Tips

One of the most difficult problems to overcome is hiring someone to do contract work on your home and then having to do it a second time because the first company did poor work, or worse yet they outright lied about their credentials and sold you a bill of goods.

After helping thousands of home owners we found a few simple common precautions anyone can take to guard against home improvement piracy.

Company Reviews

local roofing contractorsThis is the most likely place to start when looking for a contractor. Here is Canada there are a number of online directories where you can look for customer reviews on specific companies. First of all find someone you think you could hire and then follow through by researching their reviews.

Start with “company name reviews” as a search term. Just insert the name of the company in front of the word reviews. This will bring up a few results such as their Google local profile, Yelp, Homestars, N49, Yellow Pages, to mention just a few. Most profiles with reviews on them will have yellow stars visible in search to make them easier to find.

Better Business Bureau

You can also look for them in the Better Business Bureau. A good rating is usually B+ or higher. Keep in mind the BBB is a paid service and they do not police their members very closely.

Company Name

New companies have two strikes against them from the get-go. They have no track record and there is the possibility they registered a new company name to escape a sordid past. Always ask how long they have been in business. If it is less than two years dig a little deeper to see if they have a dark past. You can call your city hall to see if the owner has been operating under a different name in the past.


All good home service companies carry proper WCB and liability insurance. Make them prove their coverage to guard against a possible lawsuit in the event someone gets hurt on your property when contract work is being performed. For,instance this top rated Vancouver home renovations company is an upstanding community member.

Personal References

Some companies will offer references, but if they hesitate when you ask for references that could be a warning sign to steer clear.